Whether you need a logo, brochure, business card, or a complete identity package, we deliver the attention-getting, creative solutions you need.


From quick prototypes to serious apps, we can create what you want on your website! We can also create your smart phone apps!

Internet Marketing/SEO

We won’t leave you hoping that if we build it… they will come. Our Internet Marketing services can make your website the most valuable lead generator you have. Internet Marketing is not just SEO anymore.

Features Services

Website Design

From small website design projects to large, we can help you make you website become more interactive.

Web Programming

With our excellent development team, clients find our 'value for money' services difficult to match in quality and cost by our competitors worldwide.

Mobile Compatible Websites

Over 70% of consumers are searching and shopping on mobile devices, yet less that 25% of websites are compatible! Is your website easy to navigate and read on the small screen of a smart phone?

Mobile Applications

We can help your company bring your mobile ideas to life by providing the right services and resources for an ever-changing mobile landscape.


We are experts at building efficient ecommerce sites and optimizing your online business to increase revenue, traffic, site engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Video & Audio

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more information can a video convey? When words and images on a website need the assistance of video or audio, Our video and audio production team can do everything from write the script, select the location, secure additional talent, and shoot the event with multiple cameras.


We offer affordable and reliable Web Hosting packages for your company. Our base startup web hosting package includes virtually everything that your business needs and expects from a web hosting company!

Internet Marketing / SEO

We just don't build websites and leave you hanging. We also provide tools to make your website successful, thereby making your business successful!

Search Engine Optimization

Is your site well optimized for your customers to find you via search engines? 98% of websites are not! We have a team of experts that will keep leads coming into your business!

Social Media

Social media optimization allows you to promote your company's website through an interactive method. You can be popular among the social media users and can leverage your business, through social media optimization.


Your business is for your customers. Let Global Marketing Plus Website Design build those relationships with them, reach new people and drive sales using Facebook.


Videos are popular because people simply like watching videos. If you give someone the option of reading some black and white text on your website, or watching a video, 9 times out of 10 they'll want to watch the video!


With a business blog you can promote your brand, build strong customer and employee relationships, generate publicity, enhance your organic search rankings, and drive new business - all for little or no cost.

Focus Groups / Market Research

Since January 2000 we bring ordinary people together and show them websites on a regular basis. We find out what they like and don't like about websites. We take the information we learn and apply it to your website to ensure you will get more interaction from your potential client. No other website company does that!